Friday, 5 February 2016

“Short Cut” article writing system you can learn and use immediately, no matter how lazy or busy your are.

“Note Paper With Marker Pen And Paperclips” by everydayplus
Being a successful writer means doing a lot of article writing.

And by successful I mean someone who earns all their income from their writing. If you can make a living as a writer it means that people want to hear what you have to say. They enjoy what you write.

But that means writing a lot of articles (or blog posts…same thing).

This can be hard at first but once you have an article writing system in place, you just work your system and the articles get written with little effort and faster than you ever thought possible.

Successful bloggers write many blog posts, emails and articles.

And they do it by using an article writing system.

You see, no matter what you’re doing, if you don’t have a system, you won’t get as much done as you could.

When I walk my dogs, I know that the first thing I have to do is get my shoes an socks out, get out my keys and my phone and put them in the dog-walking bag that I take with me that also contains ‘poop’ bags.

Then I put on my shoes and socks, put my bag on my shoulder, put the leads on the dogs and off we go.

That’s my dog walking system.

When I clean out the car I take everything out of it first, shake the mats, polish the inside, vacuum the mats, vacuum inside the car, put everything back in and wash the outside.

It’s a system and washing the car would take a lot longer if I had to stop and think all the time or I forgot to take everything out before I polished or forgot to take out the mats first.

Having a system for doing things makes me efficient.

It’s like cooking a meal. I have to follow a recipe and do things in the correct order so that everything finishes cooking at the same time. And I’ve been making family meals for so long now that I have a great system in the kitchen.

And it’s no different when it comes to writing articles.

I gather ideas in one book.

I go to the book when I want to write an article.

I outline an article.

I write the article.

I find a suitable image to accompany it.

I proof and edit the article (searching for the image first gives me a bit of space between writing and editing so that I have “fresh” eyes to read it with).
I upload it along with the image.

I preview it.

I hit publish.

And it goes even deeper than that because I also have a system for how I structure an article, meaning I have a way that I set them out with a beginning a middle and an end.

My article writing system is so streamlined that it makes it really easy to write several articles an hour.

How about you?

If you’re not finding enough time to write, having an article writing system with definitely enable you to get more articles written without needing more time, no matter how busy or how lazy you are.

A good article writing system makes things easier and fast.