Thursday, 8 September 2016

3 Reasons I Sell More Books With Email

Selling books can sometimes be harder than writing them.

I love to sit and write books, to be 100% focused on my work and write thousands of words a day.

And as a novelist, Dean Wesley Smith so eloquenty put it, "Sitting alone in a room and making shit up isn't work. Sorry. It's play."

But after the writing comes the marketing.

And because I'm a writer, marketing my books by writing emails, isn't difficult.

All it takes is more writing.

But why email?

There are other ways like online marketing, social media and press releases (just to name a few), and these should all be done too.

But email marketing is more personal because you're writing to people who already know you.

And email heps me to do 3 other things.

1. I can announce that my books before I even finish writing them.

2. Announcing books early gathers interested readers long before publication.

3. Books sales are immediate because people are already waiting to buy them.

If you're serious about making money from writing books, using email can not only hlep increase sales, but help you to get more sales faster.

Readers want to know when your next book is going to be published, and email can help.

You can read my latest article about How to Sell More Books With Email over at my website. 

And click on the images on this page and download 2 free ebooks to learn more.

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