Thursday, 27 July 2017

Penny Pinching Failures

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We all like to save money. I do too.

I’m always careful about what I buy and before I make a purchase I always think about what I’m going to use the item for (or how often will I wear it?), where I’m going to keep it, and how often it will come in handy.

Usually after much careful consideration I put things back on the shelf and leave the store.

And even if I’m grocery shopping I think of what I’m going to make with whatever ingredients I’m buying (I don’t buy much processed, ready-made-food) and how soon I’m going to do it.

And take away meals and eating out don’t happen too often for me. I much prefer my own food at home and even if I go for a day out, I’ll usually take my own drinks,  pack sandwiches and buy hot chips to go with them.

I’m pretty frugal in a lot of ways. I even have a notebook where I tally up everything I’ve bought in a month to see where I’m overspending (if at all) and where I can cut back.

Yep, I don’t like wasting money on things I don’t need or that I’m tricked into buying just because of clever marketing.

And I see others doing the same.

Except they’re doing it all wrong.

They’ll penny pinch at the supermarket yet buy takeaway food on the way home.

They’ll complain about the price of fuel and even drive around looking for the cheapest price, yet they’ll take short trips in their car every day instead of walking.

And how many people do you know who say that they have no money yet their kids have all the latest gadgets and toys?

I once saw a news item on TV on A Current Affair where they were talking to a couple who were being forced to move from their home because they said their mortgage was too high because of interest rate rises.

Yet I couldn’t get over the fact that they were packing up dozens of outdoor toys - swing sets, slippery dips, cubby house, sand pit, and multiple ride-on toys, and the mother of the two young children had a really fancy hair cut, manicured false finger nails and so much bling it much have weighed a ton.

And I see the same things happen when it comes to business.

People say they want to be successful, but when it comes to investing in themselves they don’t want to spend money on an ebook or an online course.
And I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to spend my money on things that are an investment in my writing.

Over the years I must have spent thousands of dollars on e-books, courses and other things that have helped me with my writing and marketing. I’ve even done a course in copywriting that cost several hundred dollars. I thought it was expensive but I knew that what I could learn would enable me to earn much more money than the cost of the course. And I was right.

I could have spent a few hundred dollars on a fancy computer or a bigger TV or ordered more takeaways so that I don’t have to cook.

But I’d rather spend my money on things that I need to help me write more, write better, market my work, make money blogging and writing, and sell more books.

How about you?

What are the important things you’re investing in?


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