Friday, 11 August 2017

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We all know that article marketing can bring a lot of new traffic to your website, or bring back returning visitors that haven't' been to your site for a while.

Years ago one of the best and easiest ways to use article marketing was to write articles and submit them to article directories so that others could read them and publish them on their own website or blog along with your author resource box.

But then a few years ago Google really slapped the article directories harshly by refusing to index them anymore. This meant that none of their pages of articles would show up in search results anymore.

This caused many article directories to fold and only one held fast and still did well, although, not as well as they did before.

And that was

I think that the only reason they survived so well is that they are choosy about the types of articles that are published on their site and so they don't allow spammy articles.

But is using them still worthwhile?

I still use because they still generate a significant amount of traffic back to my site.

And although my articles can't be found through the search engines anymore directly from, my articles get linked to my social media accounts so that when an article is approved and published on, a link to it shows up immediately on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

And that is even better in a way because anyone who follows me on social media is already interested in what I have to say and so I still get plenty of page views of my articles and get click-throughs to my sites.

I also find that the longer articles get more attention than the shorter ones.

To submit a marketing article it has to be at least 400 words. But I often write articles that are up to 1,000 words and they are really popular. Even years after I've written them, they're still getting traffic to my site.

So don't dismiss this article marketing opportunity.

If you write good articles, will automatically distribute links through social media and then your social media links will show up in search engine results, even if they won't link to the directly.

And if people like your article, it will get published on other websites and bring you even more traffic.

Try it for yourself and see.

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