Friday, 18 August 2017

Make More Money With Visual Writing

“Surprised Girl Looking In Laptop” by David Castillo Dominici
Visual writing is something that is used mostly in fiction writing.

But it can just as easily be used for non-fiction writing including blog posts, emails, articles and sales pages.

But what is visual writing?

Simply put, visual writing means telling a story so vividly that the reader feels like they're right there in the middle of the action.

And it doesn't matter if the action is physical or emotional, the reader needs to feel that they're part of it.

So it's easy to see how this can carry over into articles or sales pages, by using visual writing to draw the reader into what you're selling by making them feel all the benefits of owning your product or book.

There are two different types of customers online: those with a problem and those with a passion (crafts, sports, pets, etc).

So when you're writing to try and sell something, use story-telling to draw them in.

Talk about their problem and how bad it is. Then tell them about your product/book/course and how much they'll benefit by using it.

Or if you're writing to indulge their passion, write to get them really excited and eager to buy what you're selling.

Use Who, What, How, Why and Then What, in your writing and use the "then what" as a call to action to make them take the next step and make purchase.

Evoking emotion will always help you to increase your sales.

Sales people do it all the time.

So talk about their problems or desires and then weave a visual story that draws them in.

If it helps, pretend that you're talking face to face.

What would you tell them about the benefits of owning your book or product?

Then write it down.

You are a writer, so get creative.

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