Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Writing Articles Quickly

“Speedy Typing With Keyboard” by adamr
The Following is an excerpt from my ebook "How to Write an Article in 15 Minutes or Less: Including research, proof reading and editing." - -

15 minutes is a generous amount of time to research and write an article. With practice, you should be able to do it in 10 minutes, so instead of writing 4 articles an hour, you can write 6. That’s a 50% increase in production.

When you’re earning money per article, time is money, so the faster you can write, the better.
Your own articles, with good keywords and useful information, could earn you $20 to $100 in consistent sales, depending on what you’re selling and how hungry your market is.

You can use article writing to build an online business and start earning money straight away.
You could, if you wanted to, spend half a day ghost writing for clients - for instant money, and the rest of the day writing for yourself.

Or you could spend half a day writing ebooks and the other half writing articles to promote them.
But you need to start writing so that you can quickly get into the habit of writing fast.

So don’t just passively read this ebook. Take action. Start writing articles straight away and by this time next week, you’ll have written your first 100 articles.

Or even if you achieve only half that amount, it’s 50 more articles than you wrote this week.

And 50 articles in one week is a lot. You could upload the best ones to your website and use the rest for online marketing. 50 articles means you’ll have enough content for your website straight away.

Some people set up a blog or website and then sit there scratching their head because they don’t know what to do next.

So they upload one or two pages of content, have no idea how to move forward from there and get bored and say that making money online is impossible.

How different would it be if they had up to 100 pages of content already written in just one week because they’d used the 15 minute article writing system that you’re about to learn?

If you can write up to 100 articles a week, you’ve got the ability to set up as many niche websites that you want or ghost write articles for money consistently.

You can also set up an email campaign to sell more products or produce short ebooks to sell or to use for marketing.

And it all starts with being able to write articles quickly.

I hope this chapter has given you some idea of how many articles you can write and different ways you can use them to earn money.

But you must start writing articles. Today! And every day after today.

Build up your article writing habit now.

I hope this short excerpt has inspired you to want to down load the ebook and the 2 bonus products that come with it: "10 Ways to Make Money Writing Articles" and "How to Write 1 Article in 7 Different Ways."

These ebooks will get you up and writing fast. Plus with the bonus ebooks, you can take one article idea, write it 7 different ways and make money from it in 10 different ways.

And if you already own these ebooks, why aren't you writing more articles?

Time is money my friends.