Thursday, 7 September 2017

How to Make Money Writing Articles

Image: “Female Writing On Notebook” by adamr
If you can write an article in 15 minutes or less, then you can earn a really good income from your writing.


To begin with, just look at some of the ways you can make money from articles:

  • Blog posts
  • PLR
  • Emails
  • Auto-responders
  • Marketing
  • Expand into ebook chapters
  • Ghost Writing

From this list alone you can see that article writing is the life-blood of any online business with most of them how having a blog that they use to keep their customers up-to-date with all their latest news and products. They also have a list of subscribers who they regularly send emails to.

If you have an information website, you need to write content/articles all the time as well as use articles for marketing to bring more visitors to your site.

But just exactly how do you use articles to make money online?

Ghost writing is usually the first way people think about making money from writing articles. Writing them for other people. But as I’ve just shown you, there are various other ways to use articles too.

But is it really possible to write an article in 15 minutes, including research, proofing and editing?

To write articles quickly, it doesn’t take much talent but it does take the ability to put the right strategy in place and use it to write articles fast. It’s like setting up an assembly line of researching, writing and proofing.

Of course, I’m not talking about writing huge, long, descriptive articles, but about short informative articles of around 350 to 400 words.

These articles are meant to be general guides and not in-depth discussions. And the quickest way to make money out of these types of articles is to write them for other people.

Busy clients are happy to pay for quick articles.

If you use articles for marketing, they’re great for driving traffic back to your site or promoting your latest book. But if you want instant cash, then ghost writing is the way to do it.

You could advertise your article writing services on websites like and charge $5 per article. This way, working 5 hours a day, means you can write 100 articles a week (5 days a week) which will bring in a pretty good income, but you could probably charge more.

Another alternative is to write articles to market your own products or affiliate products. Done correctly, this can bring in a really steady income.

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