Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Different Ways Grammarly Is Helping Me.

A few weeks ago I downloaded the free grammar software, Grammarly.

Once I installed it on my computer, it started working on most of my online writing like in Facebook, blog comment boxes, and online forms.

At first I was disappointed that it doesn’t work with Pages for Mac because this is the word processor I use.

But it wasn’t too much of a problem because all I have to do is copy and paste what I write into Grammarly, fix the mistakes it finds, and then copy and paste the corrected work back into Pages.

In fact, I’m kind of glad it doesn’t work in Pages because it would be too much of a distraction and would slow me down if it kept popping up and showing me errors while I was working.

I’ve found that it really does find errors in my writing that I wouldn’t have noticed myself.

But the best thing I like about using Grammarly is that it emails me a weekly report of how many words I’ve written and how many errors it’s corrected. And then it compares my progress against the other Grammarly users and against my own past weeks of writing.

I find it fascinating to see my weekly word count and my accuracy (or lack of).

It also tells me how many unique words I’ve used which is something else I find interesting to know.

So if you haven’t tried Grammarly yet, maybe you might find it useful too.

I was skeptical at first as to how accurate it is, but so far I’m pretty impressed.

And the weekly writing reports are definitely an added bonus.

Hopefully, you’ll find it useful too.

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