Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Writing Distractions That Were Overwhelming

RIP Miss Scrappy and Miss Broken Comb
For the last week and a half, it’s done nothing but rain.

Not just any rain, but with really strong winds and it was a huge deluge that sent cascades of water running down my garden, carving out huge channels in the dirt as it went.

But you might be asking what this has to do with writing?

Well, I was trying to sit inside and write while all hell seemed to be breaking loose outside, but it wasn’t easy.

During the first few days, it was doubly hard because two of my chickens started suffering from the downpour, and it was also really cold.

I kept running outside to keep an eye on them and try and tempt them with food (they were all sheltering under the house, which is raised on stumps).

But the cold and damp got to be too much for them, and sadly, I had to take them to the vet to end their suffering. The poor girls couldn’t even open their eyes or uncurl their feet at the end (see the last photo of them, above).

One of them was Miss Broken Comb who’d been ill recently.

The other smaller one who is upright in the photo, was Miss Scrappy, so-called because she was always shirt-fronting any animal that came into the garden.

So while my other 7 girls continued to shelter under the house from the storm, I carried on bravely with my writing, to help keep my mind off everything.

But with everything going on around me, with losing 2 of my girls, the loud tempest raging outside and the awful dampness and darkness everywhere, it was all starting to feel somewhat surreal.

I found though, that once I was able to focus properly, I not only got plenty of writing done, but I managed to have a huge brainstorming session that went on for hours.

And when I checked my online accounts, I saw that I was still making sales from my books and affiliate products.

So it does go to show that it’s always possible to keep writing.

And sales can continue to happen from other places, while yours seems to be in chaos.

That’s what I love about being working from home and earning all my income from my writing.

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