Friday, 29 December 2017

You Can't Polish a Turd

That's a quote from the Stephen Kind novel and movie, "Christine."

In the movie, a garage owner watches a young guy trying to fix up an old car (called Christine) that looks too beat-up and rusty for anyone to fix.

He watches the kid fitting new wiper blades over a broken windscreen, shakes his head, and says to his friend, "You can't polish a turd."

I love that line.

And in another way, it applies to selling.

If no one wants what you're selling then you may as well be trying to sell them a turd, because they won't want it no matter how much you polish it with your intriguing content and clever marketing.

Instead, you need to find a market, find out what they want, and provide it for them.

You could write an ebook or a course that can help them, or find a suitable affiliate product.

Then let them know how much the product will benefit them and everything they have to gain by owning it.

In other words, give them what they want.

Don't try and sell them what they don't want.

It will be like trying to sell them a polished turd.

They just won't be interested. No matter how presentable you make it look.

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