Saturday, 30 December 2017

Affiliate Marketing Needs At Least Temporary Enthusiasm

When you're working as an affiliate marketer and you're writing content for your blog/website to promote a product, you're selling something that your customer want, but it doesn't necessarily have to be something that you want for yourself.

But your enthusiasm for the product needs to come across in your writing.

So how do you do it?

I was once listening (we'll, actually I've listened to it lots of times because it was so good) to an audio interview with one of the world's top copywriters, Bob Bly.

It's a fascinating interview because he talks about how and where he writes, and he's written sales copy for a lot of top people and big companies.

He said that he has to write about all kinds of different products and that while he doesn't always love what he's writing about, he needs to be able to get at least what he calls, temporarily enthusiastic about it.

For instance, he said he couldn't write about hunting because he doesn't hunt and has no interest in it. But he could talk about vegetarianism because although he's not a vegetarian, he can see why it appeals to a lot of people, so he could get temporarily enthusiastic about the subject.

But it's not just topics that you need to get temporarily enthusiastic about.

It can be individual products too.

I sell writing products that I don't personally need but I know that others do, so I have to get temporarily enthusiastic about owning it.

I also write in the weight loss niche, and although I don't have weight issues myself, I can understand what drives others who do.

Plus I find healthy diets an interesting subject so I can write enthusiastically about it in my marketing and emails.

So find a hungry market, look at products they want, and see if it's something you can get at least temporarily enthusiastic about while you research and write about it.

And if you can't, then you need a different niche.

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