Thursday, 11 January 2018

Choosing Quality Over Quantity

A few weeks ago I bought a pack of 20 pencils for only $2. And because I do most of my writing by hand, and often with pencils, I thought I'd bagged myself a real bargain. Not only did I have so many pencils for not much money, but they even had erasers on the end. Woot! Woot!

But guess what?

They all broke. As soon as I tried to sharpen them, the lead broke. AND the erasers all fell off as soon as I tried to use them.


So I went to a stationery shop and bought individual pencils that cost over a dollar each. Yeouch!

But guess what?

I'm still using them, and they don't break, and the lead lasts a long time in between sharpenings. They don't have erasers though, but it doesn't matter because the last lot were useless.

And that got me thinking about everything that I buy and that I produce.

You've probably heard it before that quality is better than quantity, meaning that it's better to have a few quality products than a lot of cheap products.

And this applies to everything - houses, clothes, jobs (better to have a high-paying career that you love rather than work for low pay), and tools of the trade (including pencils).

It all comes down to cost per use, as in it's better to have a $20 t-shirt that you can wear 50 times than a $5 t-shirt that you can only wear a few times before it goes baggy and wears out. Not only does it equate to a smaller cost-per-use, but it looks better because it doesn't deteriorate as quickly.

This is why I usually (except for the odd pencil slip up) choose quality products, and this includes ebooks and courses that I buy to help me earn more money from my writing. I always make sure that they're made by someone who knows what they're talking about (as opposed to unknown 'authors' who write about how to earn a million writing books when I can't find even one that they've written), even if it costs me more money.

I also use everything I buy over and over again because if I buy something to help me write more and earn more but I don't use it, then that is a complete waste of money. But if I use it over and over until I can easily follow what it says, and make more money as well, then it was more than worth the purchase. If I buy an ebook or a writing course, I expect it to more than pay for itself because it's an investment, not a purchase.

It's the same with books. If I buy a great book full of really good information, I'll re-read it over and over again, and even make lots of notes and try out the advice it's giving. On the other hand, I get rid of books that aren't really useful, because I'd rather own a few great books than a lot of useless books.

When it comes to making purchases, it's no good penny-pinching to buy a lot of poor quality or useless products.

It's far better IMHO to always choose to have fewer but higher quality products.

And more importantly, use them.

Don't buy what you don't need and get the most out of everything you own.

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