Thursday, 4 January 2018

Riddle Me This...

I find that there are two types of writers.

First there are the perfectionists.

Then there are those who think that good enough is good enough, and once they've written something they ship it. They put it out there for everyone to buy and enjoy.

The perfectionists take a long time to ship their work, and sometimes they don't ship at all. They put their writing away and ignore it.

The good enough writers, write and polish their work until it's good enough to ship, and then they ship it.

They also write and ship often because they aren't waiting for perfection.

There is no such thing as perfection.

Whatever you publish there are going to be those that love it and those that hate it.

But you're not writing for those that hate your work, so ignore them.

And even if you think your work is perfect, there will still be those that hate it.

But that doesn't mean your work is bad.

It's just different strokes for different folks.

So tell me this...

Who do you think is going to make the most money?

The writer who doesn't ship because they're waiting for the fictitious perfection?

Or the writer who writes and edits till good enough is good enough and then ships and writes and ships some more?

Don't wait for perfection.

It aint coming.

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