Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The One Basic Secret For Earning Money From Writing

I use Grammarly when I write on my computer.

It's a free app and is really useful for picking up on spelling and grammatical errors.

Sadly though, it doesn't work with Pages for Mac (although it does work on Microsoft Word) which is what I use for doing nearly all my writing, so it never counts my book manuscript word count.

But it does work for my blog, my emails and for plain text documents I write using programs such as Text Edit.

Every week it also emails me my stats and tells me how I'm doing and compares it to other Grammarly users.

This past week I've hardly written at all because it was my father's funeral yesterday and he is the second family member to pass away this year. So I was a bit off my writing game.

This morning I received an email from Grammarly telling me that I'd only written 2,283 words this past week, which is not much at all.

But...and this is the surprising thing, it said that I was 80% more productive than other Grammarly users.


Wow! If I wrote so little every week I'd be out of business.

Yet I still out-wrote 80% of other users.

But why am I telling you this?

Because it's proof that being a successful writer means actually sitting down and writing.

There is no perceived "secret" to earning money from writing. It's simply doing the writing.

You have to sit down and do it every day.

And write at least 10 times more than 2,283 words every week.

This is why I earn money from my writing, and others don't.

It's a 'secret' called writing.

Have you tried it lately?

Grammarly. The free writing app.

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