Monday, 5 March 2018

The Demand For Books On Spirituality

For a while I've noticed a trend in the rising number of books being written and published on the subject of spirituality.

There seem to be more and more books about how to meditate, how to be more mindful, how to be happy and so forth.

And I recently read an article in Publisher's Weekly ( that talked about this very subject.

It seems that the reason for this rise, is because Millenials are swiftly moving away from churches and organised religion and so are looking for answers elsewhere.

So many are turning particularly, it seems, to meditation and Buddhism.

Yet there are still plenty of books being published about organised religion too, all aimed at trying to bring Millenials back to the church and organised religion.

And the reason I'm telling you this is because if you have been wanting to write a self-help book based on religion helping to heal lives, then is a great market to be writing for right now.

Just remember that before you write a word, know exactly who you're writing your book for plus have a 10-point marketing plan to make sure your intended readers find your book.

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