Friday, 27 April 2018

Making Money Online From Blogging

Recently the subject of making money online came up, specifically making money from an already existing website or blog.

There are people who create and sell websites. It's known as flipping. They set up a website or blog, earn a substantial income from it in a short time and then sell it, usually for around 18 month's worth of income.

And although I've never flipped sites or bought any, I can see that it could be a really good way to start earning money quickly online.

But if you've ever looked into buying a website or blog from someone else, and the site is already earning good money, just remember that to keep the income going, you have to keep doing what the other person has been doing.

A website or blog isn't a way to earn money in and of itself. Instead, it's a method of distribution. It's where you sell whatever it is you're selling.

So if you write books, your website is where you sell them. Or if you want to work as an affiliate marketer, your website is where you promote the products you're selling.

What I'm saying is that it isn't the website or blog that's making money. It's the person running it.

So if you see a website promoting low-interest credit cards and it seems to be earning quite a bit of money, just remember that it's the person who owns the website (or the person doing all the writing for it) that is earning all the income and they are only using the website as a way to do it.

Which means that if you have no interest in the products being sold on the site (like credit cards) and don't know the first thing about the people who might be interested in them, then it won't be the site for you.

To earn money from a website, you have to be good at promoting whatever products or services are being sold there.

Plus you also need to know how to expand the business and sell more.

And if you know that already, then you could set up your own site, write all your own content,  and build an online business from there.

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