Thursday, 10 May 2018

Does a Writer Need a Virtual Office Address?

The subject of virtual office addresses came up in some correspondence last week.

A virtual office is simply an address that makes it look like you actually have an office that you work from. These addresses can be usually be rented on a monthly or yearly basis.

You just pay the fee and you can use the virtual office address which would be something like "Suite 100, Impressive Road. UpMarket Town." The company that provides the address also passes on all your mail to you, plus can provide other services too like answering the phone and taking messages.

I know that there are some writers who do actually have an office that they work from but most of us work from home.

And as a writer, it's not really necessary to have a "pretend" office address because we don't have any clients that we need to see in person.

But it is necessary to protect your private address online so you can (if you want) rent a virtual office address or use a PO BOX address. I use a PO BOX address as well as use my accountant's address for my business. That way, even though I mostly work from home, I never have to divulge my private address to anyone.

On the other hand, if you're a lawyer or an accountant, or anyone else who has to meet with clients face to face, then having a virtual office address will make you look cheap or make it look like your business is failing because clearly, you can't be meeting with clients at your office if you don't have one. And it's easy to find out if an office address is real or not.

But for writers, having a virtual office address is fine if you want to have one, but IMHO, somewhat unnecessary as a simple PO BOX address will suffice AND it's much cheaper.

Unlike lawyers and accountants, we have no need to pretend that we have an office when we don't.

It doesn't matter where you do your writing, as long as you do it.

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