Friday, 15 June 2018

The Lesson I Learned About Lost Ideas

A couple of days ago I came across a great idea about writing.

The information was pure gold so I decided there and then to turn it into a blog post so that I could share the joy with my new knowledge.

In my head I planned out exactly what I was going to write and I even had a brilliant idea for an intriguing heading.

Yep, it was going to be great.

But I wasn't at my desk so I made a solid mental plan.

Then later, when I eagerly sat down at my desk, my mind was blank.

What was that great thing I was going to blog about?

I sat and thought for a few minutes, but nothing came.

So I replayed in my mind what I was doing when I had the idea and where it had come from.

I remembered that I was in the garden pulling up loads of big weeds and thinking about how much better it looked without them.

And I was listening to an audio as I worked and it was a podcast about...

Damn! I'd totally forgot what I was listening to.

I thought some more and remembered what it was but I still couldn't remember that golden piece of information was that I wanted to share.

Gone was every thought about it, even my brilliant headline.

I thought some more, but was gone.

So frustrating.

Even more so because I have a golden rule about writing ideas down as soon as I think of them because I know that no matter how much I tell myself that I'll remember them, I never do.

So this is the advice I'm going to pass onto you instead of whatever that piece of other gold was that I've forgotten.

And that is to never EVER fail to write down a great idea.

Get yourself an ideas book, keep it handy and write down every single idea you ever have in as much detail as you can at the time. Even if the only thing handy to write on is a napkin. Write it down!

And who knows, even if you don't use it straight away, you may find yourself without any ideas in the future and you can look at all your previous ideas for instant inspiration and motivation and most importantly, for great ideas that you DIDN'T forget.


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