Tuesday, 8 January 2019

How to Start Writing a Novel Quickly

I recently publsihed my latest novel, Two Weeks In Corfu, and it feels like a great achievement.

And today I've been busy catching up on some freelance work before I dive into my next book.

And it occured to me how many people ask me about how to start writing a book, especially a novel, which most people believe is already in them and just waiting to burst out (yeah, yeah, we all hear about that all the time).

But for the serious writer, beginning a novel can seem daunting.

Yet the reality is simple.

You just start with one idea.

That's it.

Just one short sentence is all you need, like, "Aliens land on earth and want to set up their own colonies."

Then from there, you simply expand that one idea and flesh it out until it becomes your next best seller.

You see, the mistake most people make when they think about starting to write a novel, they think they have to know the whole plot line at once.

But that's not true.

You just start with an one idea and flesh out the whole story from there, piece by piece till you have your whole outline.

And you don't even have to know how it will all happen.

You only have to know what will happen.

And as you work, it all comes together effortlessly.

So to begin with, all you have to do is begin.


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