Thursday, 3 January 2019

Why I've Been So Slack At Writing

It's now January 2019.

Last year (and the year before that if I'm completely honest) I didn't do much writing at all. At least not compared to how much I usually do.

There were multiple reasons including being continually harassed and threatened with legal action for months on end by Loren Piel, my father being ill for a year and then passing away, the deaths of two other family members, my daughter and her fiance moving and needing our help with setting up their first house, dealing with builders and the huge renovations being done at our house that has been going on for the last 2 years (that only finished less than two weeks ago and we're really not satisfied with their work so they'll have to come back) and my husband taking early retirement two years ago which completely threw my daily/weekly routine into chaos for a while as he settled into his new life at home and as we both tried to deal with builders, electricians, painters, plumbers, architects, engineers and building certifiers.

So, all in all, it's been pretty chaotic around here.

Oh, and another thing, we have a family that has come to rent our apartment/granny-flat downstairs for a couple of months, so we have been preparing that too as it had no furniture or kitchen equipment or anything so we've had to go and buy and organise that at the same time, including making curtains because the windows are odd sizes so we couldn't buy them off-the-shelf. you can imagine, it's all been taking a toll on my time and attention.

Although, through it all, I did manage to publish my latest romance novel, Two Weeks In Corfu, which is now available online and can also be ordered through any bookshop/library because it is sold and distributed by Ingram, which is one of the world's biggest book distribution companies.

But now I feel like I'm finally back in the driver's seat of my time and attention.

And I've been looking at my website stats and it seems that even though I cancelled my email account last year and haven't been sending out any email updates or offers, the number of my website visitors has increased, which is really surprising - and pleasing.

So I've been busy making plans for what I'm going to be working on this year and my plans include several new books that will be available in paperback as well as being ebooks.

Plus I'll be updating my websites regularly and having many more great offers to help you write more and earn more.

I may even restart my email updates to really revamp my writing and publishing efforts.

So watch this space.

And if you don't have plans for this year yet and you don't know how to earn more money from your writing, start with my all-time favourite, Quick Cash Writing, that gets you writing and earning money straight away. I started with this writing course myself.

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