Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Email Bitcoin Hacker

Last week I received an email from a supposed hacker who wanted me to send him/her money in Bitcoin... or else!

The "or else" was that if I didn't send them thousands in Bitcoin within 48 hours they would expose my online viewing habits.

They said that they had hacked my online accounts and had recorded me watching hours of online p*rn and if I didn't pay them the money they wanted then they would send the recordings of my online activities to all my contacts and my family.

So I've written about it over at my website and included the whole threatening email in the hopes that it will help anyone else who might receive (or has received) an email like this.

I could tell it was fake straight away because I never watch online p*orn or any other type. That sort of thing does not float my boat at all.

Go over now and read all about it and see the whole sorry email in its entirety.

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