Monday, 6 January 2020

Earning Money as An Online Writer For Free

Not too long ago I was reading an ebook all about how to sell 100 Kindle books a day.

A day? Is that doable, even if you've never published an ebook before?

Well, according to the ebook I was reading, yes it is doable, but... you need to spend $100s a day with PPC ads, FB ads, press releases, etc, with no guarantee it will work.

So at the end of it, I'd gained no new knowledge. Not that I expected to. I already know how to sell books. I was just curious to see if there was something that I was missing. I love picking up little gold nuggets of information in other people's books.

I also don't like it when someone says it's possible to do something but only if I spend a lot of money. Anyone call sell a lot of books if they hyper-market it for $$$$. In fact, you can sell anything that way.

But if the readers don't like your first book, they won't buy any others you write, no matter how much you spend on marketing.

I also have a book about making money from writing, called Living The Laptop Lifestyle. But unlike the ebook I was reading, it shows you many ways you can earn money online with a cost of $0 to do it.

Once you buy the book (or download the ebook version) you can start and run your own Laptop Lifestyle with nothing more to pay.

So you have no excuse not to get started.

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