Monday, 15 June 2020

Why It’s So Hard To Sit Down and Write

A few days ago I was talking to my daughter (who is also a writer) and we were discussing why it’s so hard to sit down and write.

At the same time we both agreed the once we do sit down and get into the ‘flow’ of writing, we could write forever and often lose track of time and sometimes we look up and wonder why it’s dark, and realise that we’ve been working for so long, and have been so focused that the sun went down and we didn’t even notice.

So why is it so difficult to sit down and write in the first place?

We realised, in our wisdom (and we are both oh so wise), that it’s because of the complete solitary nature of writing because it needs total and complete focus.

Whenever I’m doing other things, I don’t need the focus that I have to have when I’m writing.So when I’m doing other things, like gardening, cleaning, ironing, cooking sewing, etc, I can also do other things at the same time like daydream, listen to audios, watch TV or have a conversation with someone.

But when I’m writing, that’s ALL I can do which means kissing goodbye to everything else, because even a small distraction can throw off my concentration and I can lose my train of thought. This is what makes writing such an isolating profession which many people find too difficult, but it suits my personality because I’m happy in my own company.

Having said that, it’s still hard to actually sit down and start writing, which is when procrastination becomes a problem. I solve this by listening to audios that help me to focus.

I listen to the Brain Evolution System when I’m not writing because it calms my monkey-mind and helps me to think and to get more done.

I also listen to Brain Salon while I am writing, to block out other distracting noises and to help me to focus at the same time.

That’s what works for me (I’ve been using these audios for years) and they may help you too.Download free demos of both and see the difference it makes.

You may as well try it. It costs nothing to try, so you’ve got nothing to lose, and if it works for you, it can make the world of difference to how much more you can write.

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