Wednesday, 18 November 2020

What Makes It Hard For Me To Write

Last week I was talking to my daughter and like me, she loves to write, and we both like to watch or listen to something while we’re writing. She watches music videos while I like to listen to audios that help with focus and creativity.

Writing though, is such a solitary occupation making it impossible to walk, talk or listen to anyone at the same time. And this is why it can often seem hard to write because it feels so selfish to sit down for so long and treat any conversation as an unwanted interruption. It always feels so mean to tell people not to disturb me when I’m writing. My office is a no-go area when I’m in it.

But once I start writing, it’s easy to forget about feeling selfish because I’m 100% focused on what I’m writing so everything else goes out of my mind. And the money I earn more than makes up for any guilty feelings.

So my advice to anyone who feels guilty for wanting to have uninterrupted time to write, is just do it.
The guilt evaporates once you start writing.

And your writing gets done.

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