Friday, 26 March 2021

How To Tell If You’ve Lost Faith In Your Writing

People sometimes lose faith in God and feel like they’ve lost everything, as though God doesn’t care about them any more.

But what they’ve actually lost is faith in themselves which makes them feel as though God is far away from them.

And the loss of faith happens all the time in many different situations, like loss of self-worth, with a current job, in the ability to do things, and even loss of luck.

And this is the same with writers who stop writing because they have no faith in their own ability or they fear editors, fear criticism, or fear people’s online opinions, especially on anti-social media.

Years ago I stopped writing after I uploaded a story I’d written to a writer's forum and asked for feedback. Unfortunately, someone told me that my writing was so bad that I shouldn’t call myself a writer. They upset me at the time until I realised that they were nobody special. And now here I am earning my living from my writing while they are nowhere. And I’ve never bothered with writer’s forums ever since. Yeesh!

But now I don’t let other people’s unsolicited opinions stop me from writing. Not at all. I love to write and I’m never going to stop.

Not everything I write gets published. I often write in my journals, which are for my eyes only. And what I find is that it’s a real confidence boost being free to write like that.

So if you’re struggling with fear of criticism, my advice is to accept the fear then keep on writing.

Haters are going to hate no matter what you do or don’t do.

So if you’re not writing, it could be because you’ve lost faith in your ability. And the only way to overcome it is to pick up your pen and get back on the proverbial horse and don’t stop riding/writing. 

Keep going and live your own writer’s life.

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