Friday, 30 April 2021

A Writing Lesson From a Priest In Poverty

One of the TV shows I love to watch is Law and Order SVU. I have 21 seasons on discs and I watch them all the time (as well as other shows too).

And the other day I was watching an episode in which the detectives suspected a young Catholic Priest of committing a crime, a murder that happened in his church. He hadn’t done it, but couldn’t tell them who had without breaking the secrecy of the confessional.

But the storyline wasn’t what interested me, and instead, I was fascinated with how the priest lived and worked.

He lived in a tiny apartment and owned almost no furniture or other personal items, not even a TV, and even what little he did own was old and looked years old.

The detectives were stunned that anyone could live in such poverty and own so few possessions but the priest explained that he took his vow of poverty seriously. Clearly, he also took all his other vows seriously too because whenever the detectives showed up the priest was busy writing sermons, scrubbing the church floor, cleaning the pews, or visiting parishioners. He seemed to do nothing but work and said that he loved it so much that he didn’t need anything else.

And it got me thinking about writers and how all the successful ones are hard workers who love what they do and are always writing or plotting their next book or setting up another money-making website.

This is why I recently sold my house and moved to a small apartment at the coast so that I could spend less time on things that don’t matter (lawn mowing, house maintenance, etc) and more time on writing and other things I enjoy (and I love the fresh sea air too).

How about you?

Do you fit your writing around your life or your life around your writing?

Want to learn how to do it?

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