Thursday, 8 April 2021

How to Eliminate Writer's Block in Just 5 Minutes

 A few days ago I was reading a popular post on Twitter about how writers buy a lot of notebooks but never use them, and there were so many comments from writers saying that it's EXACTLY what they do all the time but they thought they were the only ones. But haha, I think we all do it. I know I do.

For me, the reason is that I think that buying a new notebook will inspire me to write more, and get rid of any writer's block. But by the time I get home with my new notebook, the ecstatic feelings have gone and I put my new notebook away, promising myself that I'll write in it soon.

I wish that buying a new notebook did make me write and earn more, but it isn't true, no matter how much I want it to be so. The only way that having a new notebook makes me write more is if I've got an idea burning in my brain and I'm not at home, so I have to buy a notebook and start writing in it straight away, which means it's not the notebook that inspired me but the idea running around in my frantic monkey mind.

But there is something that always gets me writing straight away, even when I think I don't feel like writing.

And that is to just sit down and start writing. Sometimes I journal, or re-read my work from yesterday and make corrections, or browse ideas in my ideas notebook, or start reading a book and take notes, or get out a great piece of writing by an author I admire and write it by hand to get a feel for it.

Or maybe I'll write something else. It doesn't matter what it is as long as I just start.

I also don't allow myself to get distracted by anti-social media or online surfing.

So if you're stuck and can't get past writer's block, just sit down and start writing. Write anything.

And if you're like me, within 5 minutes you'll be immersed in your work, brimming with ideas, and inspired to write - especially if you have a new notebook. :)

Don't believe it can work?

Try it.

Goodbye Writer's Block

Goodbye Writer's Block:
How to Be a Creative Genius and Have an Abundance of Ideas Plus the Inspiration and Motivation to Write

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