Friday, 9 April 2021

How to Always Have Time to Write

 I was reading a book recently and the author spoke about the importance of time and how it’s all we really have because our lives are made up of the things we do and the time it takes to do them.

The most interesting thing he said was that we often don’t do things because we think we don’t have enough time. But the time that we think we don’t have is going to pass anyway so we may as well use it.

This got me thinking about often I’ve used this excuse myself to not start things, including writing projects. And the truth is, that once I start something, I’m amazed at how much I can get done in a short time.

I also recently read an interview with actress Kathy Bates and she was talking about how she changed to a plant-based diet a few years ago to help her beat cancer.

She said that people often ask her how she had the willpower to do it because it took a long time, but not only did she beat the cancer, she also lost a lot of weight and looks amazing. And she said that she didn’t believe in willpower but she does believe in determination.

And I thought, wow. She’s right. Saying ‘I just don’t have the willpower’ makes it sound like it’s not your fault. But being determined to do something makes you own it.

So be determined.

Start things.

Because the time it takes is going to pass by anyway so you may as well use it on things that matter.

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