Monday, 12 April 2021

How to Have Confidence in Your Writing

 One of the big problems with being a writer is getting criticised because it can no only hurt your feelings, but it can eat away at your confidence.

The ‘trick’ to overcome these feelings is to realise that not everything is about you. Not everyone will enjoy reading what you write but that’s ok because you’re not writing for them.

There’s a lot of advice for writers like “know who you’re writing to,” and “know your audience.” But not all writers do this unless they’re copywriters and need to market directly to customers who are going to buy their products.

Writing should be enjoyable, so if you want to write, just write.

When I first began, I had an ugly website and never thought about who my intended audience was, yet I hit the ground running and was quickly earning decent money and had thousands of website visitors and a huge list of subscribers.

I also earned money writing articles for other websites, magazines, and I wrote a couple of ebooks that sold really well too.

And I think my ‘secret’ to having such confidence to do it all, was that I was simply enjoying myself.

Did I get criticised? You bet. Did I care? Nope. I did at first but I quickly realised that there are a lot of angry people in the world that I can do nothing about, so I simply blocked them from my email address and my website and carried on.

My other ‘secret’ was that I wrote a lot and constantly submitted short stores, proposals for articles, and I always wrote for my website as well.

I simply got on with it.

And so should you.

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