Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Momentum, Motivation, Energy. How to Have All 3 Instantly

When you read anything about the struggles writers face, one that comes up again and again is getting started. So many of us find it so darn hard to actually sit down and have more bum-in-chair time.

But that can be the same for just about any activity. It's not the doing it that's hard, it's the getting started.

So wouldn't it be wonderful if, whenever you wanted to write, you could just click your fingers and instantly have the momentum, motivation and energy to sit and write for hours?

Well, surprisingly, you can.

You see it's too easy to think that you have to wait for the trinity of momentum, motivation and energy to show up before you can write.

But the opposite is true. You don't wait for them before you can start writing. You start writing and then they show up.

If you spend your days not moving, or doing very little, then you'll always feel like not doing anything. 

Laziness is an all too easy habit to cultivate.

Momentum must be created every day.


With planning and consistency.

You need to schedule everything, and follow through by doing it.

Don't feel like going to the gym? Go anyway.

Once you get moving (whether you're at the gym working out or your at your desk writing) momentum will kick in and you'll soon have unstoppable motivation and energy.

After a few weeks, it will be a habit.

And this is the same with anything. Whatever it is you want to do, whether you feel like it or not, do it every day. No matter what.

Plan to take action. Then do it daily.

Starting is the key to momentum, motivation and energy.

And be consistent.

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