Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Freelance Writing Markets: July 2021 Plus Writing Articles That Are Gold!

 Today I have a list of freelance markets for you plus a list of writing articles that are so good that, if you follow the advice, you could be writing and earning even more.


Writing Markets:

Apex Magazine
Open to submission of short fiction.
Word count: 7,500 Max
Payment: .08 cents per word Plus extra .01 cents per word if made a podcast.
Submissions by online form only. No email.
Response within 30 days

Horror Tree
Open to submissions of short fiction.
The story must incorporate how a feminine figure is shaped by male hands through a horror lens. 
Word count: 2k-5k words
Payment: .05 cents per word
Deadline: 5th September 2021

15 Magazines That Accept Freelance Writing Submissions
A list of high-paying freelance markets

49+ Magazines Looking for Freelance Writers 
A good list of freelance markets including magazines looking for short stories and poetry.

Updated Weekly: 2021 Submission and Freelance Writing Opportunities
A long list of freelance writing markets

Sci Phi Journal
Currently looking for short sci-fi stories that are not character-driven and instead, they want 
"hard SF that zooms out of the personal and lifts off into the structural, the systemic, the epic."
Word count: under 2,000 words
Payment: €0.03 per word
Deadline: 31st July 2021

Flash Fiction Online
Looking for short fiction stories across many genres.
Word count: 500 - 1,000 words
Payment $80 per story
Deadline: Open from 1st to 21st of every month

Writing Articles:

Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas With These Simple Steps
Timeless writing advice from Neil Patel

Why Working Faster Matters Even When You Make Mistakes
4 simple techniques to help you write better and faster.

How To Become a World-Class Email Copywriter in 21 Days
Exact step-by-step 21-day plan.

Invested In Not Writing
Amazing How Common This Is...
Basically put, writers, over time, develop a real and crippling investment in not writing. And, at the same time, often claim they want to write.
This advice from author Dean Wesley Smith is priceless.

If I can write a novel in a day, you can surely write a book in the next six months – Here's how
Inspiring words from best-selling author Michael Levin to get you to sit down and write.

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