Monday, 23 August 2021

Steve Jobs' Secret to Total Focus

 "Focusing is about saying no." ~ Steve Jobs

In 1997, Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs said that focusing is about saying no. At the time many people didn't understand what he meant. He went on to say,  “You’ve got to say ‘no, no, no’ and when you say ‘no,’ you piss off people.”

He said that focus wasn't a matter of willpower, but having the courage to say no to other people as well as no to other projects so that you can concentrate on one big goal. One important goal.

And that goal can be anything, depending on what the moment needs.

For instance, if you're in the writing 'flow' say no to anyone or anything that tries to take away your focus.

If you're child needs you that's fine, but say no to everyone else who tries to get you to divide your focus. Don't even answer the phone.

If you're spending time with your spouse (or anyone important to you) don't look at your phone.

If you're at work, work.

If you're out having drinks with friends and you'd rather be at home writing, go home and write.

Pick whatever is the most important to you and do that. Give it your complete focus.

Imagine how much writing you could do if you sat and wrote for hours with complete focus on your work. Can you even begin to imagine what they would be like?

Saying no and giving your complete focus to what's important to you, can seem hard at first. Whether you can do it depends on how committed you are.

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