Tuesday, 21 September 2021

How Much Money Can I Earn As a Freelance Writer?

 People always ask how much money they can expect to earn as a freelance writer.

The unsatisfactory answer is that it all depends on so many factors, not least on how well you can write.

But to give you some idea, I'll give you some recent figures.

As you know I live in Australia, and according to the ASA (Australia Society of Authors), as of January 2021, freelance writers should be earning the following:

95 cents per word - base rate
71 cents per word - mean rate
$896 per day
$597 per day - 2/3 day rate
$219 per hour
These amounts do not include tax (GST).

How much you earn also depends on other factors, including:

- the degree to which you need the work
- the level of exposure the work will provide
- how easily you can produce the work

Also, writers need to value their own talents highly enough in order to ask to be paid fairly.

Another great way to earn money as a freelance writer is copywriting. This is a different skill from ordinary freelance writing and can take a few years to master. But it is interesting work and it's something I've always enjoyed doing.

Here's an idea of copywriting fees:

Junior (0-2 years)
$70 - $100 per hour
$300 - $400 per day

Mid Level (2-4 years)
$100 - $130 per hour
$400 - $700 per day

Top Level (4+ years)
$130 - $140 per hour
$700 - $1,200 per day

- or $1 per word for the first 1,000 words a day.

Copywriters earn good money so if it's something you enjoy it's worth looking into.

Alternatively, 95 cents per word or $896 per day for freelance writing isn't bad either.

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