Friday, 24 September 2021

A Simple Way to More Freelance Writing Income

 It's one thing to think that you want to work as a freelance writer, but it's another to know exactly where to start.

Years ago, when I earned all my writing income as a freelancer, I had a simple system that kept me writing and earning.

I was always on the lookout for new writing markets and magazines that offered more than one freelance opportunity, and I always kept copious notes and links to useful websites, several notebooks full of ideas, as well as subscribing to as many writing newsletters as I could.

Doing all this kept me going and kept me motivated and what helped the most was my Weekly Schedule of 5.

Every week I'd make sure I submitted at least 5 things to 5 different places. Now that doesn't sound like many but when you do it every week as well as follow up on successful submissions, it does take a lot of organising and work.

But it did work. I was writing and submitting consistently and with so many irons in the fire (so to speak) I couldn't help but be successful, because I was, after all, making 20+ pitches a month.

And here is my possible submissions list:

- an article proposal for a magazine
- a tip for a magazine
- a short story for a magazine
- a guest article for another site
- an EzineArticle article
- a joke, letter, or something small
- a writing competition
- a writing job on UpWork, Pro-Blogger, etc
- an article for a writing magazine

And that was the actual list I used, plus I always came across many other places I could submit to.

But this is what happens when you commit to 5 freelance submissions every week.

It keeps you busy and keeps you earning money which is exactly what you want.

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