Tuesday, 9 November 2021

A Simple ‘Trick’ To Get More Writing Done

Almost every morning I wake up full of good intentions of how much I’m going to accomplish in a day.

Hours later I look at the clock and wonder how the time disappeared so quickly.

Do you have days like that?

It used to be that the day seemed to fly by with little accomplished. Now though, things have changed, and although the day seems to still fly by, it’s passed by unnoticed because I was busy getting so much done.

I do whatever I have to do first thing in the morning including chores, phone calls, laundry, shopping, and then I get on with my writing. And I’m usually so focused that I even forget to have lunch.

When I finally stop and look at the time, I’m surprised to see that it’s mid or late afternoon. Sometimes it’s so late it’s dark outside.

These are great days when I’m so focused and so productive that I sit and work for hours and get so much writing done. I still feel as though I’ve lost a day (time-wise), but it doesn’t feel bad, not when I can see how much I’ve achieved. 

Sadly, not all days are like that, but when it happens, I do appreciate it. And it makes me feel great.

And it happens because I love what I do.

Try it yourself. 

And if you don’t know what to do, download one of my Monthly Challenge Writing Series ebooks, and see how much you can achieve in a day, a week and a month.

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