Tuesday, 2 November 2021

The Right Way to Earn Money From Freelancing

Quick Cash Freelance Writing

I follow quite a few people on social media who are writers and they seem to be so good at getting the work published online on blogs, websites and in online anthologies and online magazines.

But lately I've been taking a closer look at the work they're getting published and where, and I made a surprising discovery.

I admit that I've been feeling a tiny bit jealous that they all seem to get so much of their work published. I kept wondering, how do they do it? I thought their work must be really good.

However, it seems that all their published work is unpaid. They seem to be submitting it to non-paying, online markets. And sometimes it's even WORSE than that. They submit their work to websites where you have to PAY for every submission.

I swear it made me do a quick Porky Pig impersonation. "A b-a-b-a-b that's crazy, folks." Why would anyone do so much writing and then not only give it away for free, but also pay someone else to publish it online?

Jealous? Not any more. There is no way I would let my work be published on someone else's blog or website so that they can earn money from my hard work. I know some would say that free publication can be great marketing. But not when you're giving it away all the time.

If you want to earn money from freelance writing, then your work needs to be submitted to a paying market. I advise against ever paying to submit work. I won't even enter writing competitions unless they're free. I figure that if I enter a writing competition and I win, that's great. It means I've earned money from my writing. And if I don't win, I still have my story or article and I can submit it somewhere else and even submit it to a paying market.

To be really successful as a freelance writer, you need to be fearless and don't hold back when it comes to finding markets for your work. Never think that it's not worth submitting your work or your idea for an article because it might be rejected. It might also be accepted.

And no matter how small the submission (reader's letter, joke, tip, etc), do it. Even if you don't earn much at least you'll earn something. And some of these smaller pieces can actually earn you a good ROI for the few minutes that it took you to write it.

Keep submitting ideas and stories all the time. Aim for 30 submissions in 30 days every month. That's 300 submissions a year. Can you imagine the success you'd have? And they don't have to be huge pieces of work. Like I said, even a small joke or a tip can earn you up to $100 for just 5 minutes work.

Make some of your submissions to printed markets like magazines, and others to online markets. If you keep up the 30 submissions a month, you can't fail.

And don't make excuses like, you have a full-time job or you have a family. These are just excuses because we always make time for the things we love.

And one of them should be writing.


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  1. Awesome article ! Very motivating and a reminder to me to value my own worth, gifts and talents.


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