Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Blog or Website? What’s the Difference?

Someone emailed me recently and said they wanted to set up and earn money online, but they weren’t sure if they should have a blog or a website because they didn’t know the difference between the two.

And a quick search online showed me that many people were asking the same thing - what’s the difference between a blog and a website?

The answer is that essentially, there is no difference, except that a website can be a site that is static and never changes, whereas a blog is updated often.

Mostly, a website is used for business, whereas a blog is akin to an online diary.

Many people combine the two and have a website with set pages (home page, about page, contact page, sales page, etc) and a blog section that they update with their latest offers and new stock announcements.

The reason people have blogs is because they are easy to update if you use blogging software, and search engines love sites with regular, fresh content.

Also, people who want a personal site where they regularly upload photos and stories about their life (travel, food, health, kids, etc), tend to have a blog and use blogging software like WordPress, to make it quick to update.

I use both. I have my website where I regularly upload new writing articles and my latest book information, plus I have this blog where I post shorter articles, and things that are time-sensitive such as open writing markets, or introductory price reductions of my books.

My ebook, Build a Lucrative Niche Website In a Month, is also about creating a niche blog, because it’s the same as a niche website.

Ultimately the choice is yours and you can call it what you want. A blog or a website.


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