Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Writing When I Really Don’t Feel Like Writing

Writing when you don't feel like writing
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It’s funny isn’t it that although writers say they enjoy writing, they often resist doing it. And I’m no different. Sometimes I think a pile of ironing looks more appealing than sitting down and writing.

So what is it? What makes us not want to write?

The truth is that resistance to writing is no different to the resistance we sometimes feel to other things. And it’s not the actual thing we have to do that’s the problem, it’s just the act of starting that seems hard.

Last week, Dean and I had plans for a day out We were really looking forward to it. But when the day arrived, we started to ask each other if we still wanted to go and maybe we could just stay home and sit by the pool, have a swim, and then go back up to our apartment, have lunch and watch a movie.

And while that would have been okay to stay home and relax, we eventually said no. We’d planned a day out so we were going. So we packed up and headed out.

And do you know what? We had such a great time. It turned out so much better than we originally thought.

So we can even feel resistance to fun things we want to do, as well as resistance to doing chores we don’t feel in the mood to do.

To make it easier to write when I don’t feel like it, I just sit down and look in my diary to see what I had planned, or I re-read what I’ve written the previous day, or type up some handwritten work. I start with something simple, and then it’s easy to keep going.

Sometimes I buy an ebook or a course or something else that intrigues me, that will give me direction, and makes me enthusiastic to write.

Next time you feel resistance to writing, do whatever it takes to get back into the writing zone fast. And don’t be afraid to invest in your writing future.

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