Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How I'm Earning Extra Income From My Blog

A few weeks ago I talked about a new affiliate program I'd started using called Viglink.

It's an affiliate network and is affiliated with thousands of different companies all over the world, so from just one account, I can have access to these companies, some of which I cannot affiliate to myself because they are only interested in working with big online sites that can earn thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions every month. But now I have access to them through Viglink.

And it's turning out to be quite a profitable way to make more money.

It's really easy to use and works in several different ways.

For instance, all I had to do was place a small snippet of code on my sites and if on any page, I have a URL to a website that uses affiliates but it isn't linked, Viglink will replace it with an affiliate link automatically.

And it doesn't just do this on new web pages, but on all pages on all my sites. Some of these pages have been online for years without any affiliate links on them, but now I'm getting clicks and commissions from URLs that I had no idea used affiliates.

Also there is an option called Viglink Shopping, and what this does is, if I've mentioned a product, Vignlink will not only turn it into an affiliate link if there's one available, but if the merchant runs out of stock of the item, or stops selling it, Viglink will automatically link it to a different merchant. And all without me doing a thing.

There is also a handy app called Viglink Anywhere that I've installed on my browser's toolbar. And anytime I visit a site that is selling a product, I can click on "Anywhere" and it will not only tell me if there is an affiliate link for the product but will also provide a link as well as a shortened version so that I can use it anywhere (as the name suggests), even on social media.

It's so handy to be able to see in an instant whether or not a product has an affiliate program and get a link immediately.

It really doesn't get much easier than that.

If you're interested in using Viglink on your own website or blog, you can click on the link on the affiliate page of my Cheriton House Publishing website where you'll also a list of nine other affiliate programs you can join for free.


Earning extra money without doing any extra work is always a good thing 😀

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