Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The 'Secret' To Writing and Earning More Every Day

I love to read about how other writers work, but only those who are good at what they do and have earned millions.

One of these is the late, great copywriter, Eugene Schwartz.

He is the author of the well-known, yet hard to get hold of, copywriting classic called Breakthrough Advertising. I'm one of the fortunate people who have a copy of this amazing book. It's currently selling on Amazon for $400 and up to $2,000.

Eugene Schwartz is famous not for just doing great work and earning millions of dollars, but also for teaching others how he did it.

One of the 'secrets' he taught was using a timer whenever he was working.

He always set it to 33.33 minutes.

Why he used this exact amount of time of 33 minutes and 33 seconds, he never said, but he does attribute it to making him a millionaire several times over.

The way he did it was that he would start his timer and then start working.

When the timer sounded, he would stop work for exactly 5 mintues. It didn't matter what he was working on, even if he was halfway through writing a sentence, when the timer sounded, he would stop.

Not only that, but the 5 minutes had to be spent away from his desk. He would make a cup of tea, or pat his dog or walk around. But he would be physical for 5 minutes.

He would then return to his desk, set his timer for another 33.33 minutes and get straight to work.

He would do this 6 or sometimes 7 times and then stop working for the day.

So he was, in fact, only working 3 to 4 hours a day.

But he did say it was intensely focused work and he already knew what he'd be working on before he sat down. He also worked 7 days a week.

And this is what he said helped to keep him at his desk working and earning him millions of dollars.

It's also helped his followers, many of whom work the same way.

And on days when I use it, it works for me too.

It's amazing how well it helps with focus and gives you no time for writer's block or other time-wasting activities.

My aim is to get into a habit of working this way every day.


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