Thursday, 15 February 2018

Why You Shouldn't Buy Writing Products

Have you ever bought a writing product but found it made no difference at all to how much you write and how much money you earn?

Many of us (myself included) buy lots of writing products.

And the reason for buying them is so that we can write more and earn more.

But they don't always work.

And the reason that they don't work, is because we don't learn anything from them.

You see, it's easy to have an ideal of being a busy, productive writer churning out loads of great writing every day and earning lots of money from it.

But the reality is different.

Not much writing gets done and no, or very little, money is earned.

So you buy a writing product that promises to show you how to write more and earn more and...


Nothing changes.

At school, we learn most things by rote. The teacher goes over and over the same things until what they wanted us to learn was what they used to lovingly be called, "drilled into our heads."

And this is the same with anything we want to learn.

It won't happen by reading a book once. Or doing a course once, but never doing it again.

Instead you have to go over and over it and do things again and again until they are "drilled into your head."

So drag out those old writing courses and books and keep going over and over them until they are throughly drilled in.

If you don't have any old ones, get some new ones. But don't waste them. Go over and over them.

And don't stop until you've earned back at least 30-times what you paid for them.

Writing products should be an investment.

So make sure you get a good return on your investment.


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