Wednesday, 17 March 2021

A Real-Life Insight Into Focused Writing

For years I’ve witnessed an on-going, real-life lesson in being a focused writer. And the lesson is from my daughter.

She’s now an adult and owns her own home, and she has always loved to write.

Unlike her mother, who loves to write by hand, my daughter types all her stories straight onto her computer. Even as a child, she would sit curled up in an armchair, typing away while her Dad and I watched TV. She was always oblivious to her surroundings whenever she was writing or reading, and she’s an avid reader too.

And now as an adult, she still loves to write, and if I phone her while she’s writing, she just blows me off and says she’s too busy to talk.

Sometimes she tells me “I’m going to write tonight,” and she can’t wait to do it, and she’ll write for hours and not go to bed until the early hours of the morning.

She’s probably written more books than most people even dream of writing. She just loves to write and says it’s “fun” and “relaxing” and her focus when she’s writing is envious.

She doesn’t even publish her work. Never. She’s only interested in writing, not publishing, and as soon as she finishes writing one manuscript, she can’t wait to get started on the next. Writing is her hobby and she always looks forward to doing it.

And I SO envy her dedication to her craft and her ability to always prioritise her writing.

But mostly I envy her focus when she’s writing and her ability to block out all other thoughts while she writes.

If I had the dedication and focus on my writing like she does, I’d have written and published hundreds of books. I’d be a multi-millionaire by now.

Plus I’d be a seriously prolific writer and loving it. I just wish I could have her writing focus.

I wish we all could.

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