Friday, 27 August 2021

Sit at Home, Write, and Get Paid

I don't know about you, but when I first started writing, I thought the only way to make money was from freelance writing or writing a book and getting it published.

And I used to think to myself, "I wish I could just stay home, write whatever I want, and get paid."

So I started researching it online (everything is Googleable) and found out that it was indeed possible.

I learned about niche websites, which are different to online stores. They're information sites based on a single niche (subject). These days many of these sites are called blogs.

I found out that it was possible to create a niche website from scratch (or from a template), write content, find related products to sell for commission, earn money from advertisements, do online marketing - and all for free.

Without needing any more prompting, I set up my first site, then another, and then another. I felt like I was addicted, and I thought to myself, it doesn't get any better than this.

Over the years I've had several niche sites, because not only did I earn money, but it was fascinating to do. And as the online world changed, it got even easier.

And now you can do it too. Work from home doing what you love (writing) and earn money. It all starts with my new ebook, 'Build a Lucrative Niche Website in a Month.'

For the rest of this month (only a few days away), it's only 99 cents, so download your copy today and by this time next month you'll have your own site set up and earning money.

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