Monday, 6 September 2021

List of Writing Markets and Free Writing Competitions

Today I have for you a list of lists of writing markets and a list of lists of no-fee, free-to-enter writing competitions.

While you may think there is less chance of winning a competition than having your work accepted by a writing market, it's not necessarily so. 

Also, I always find that entering a writing competition and not winning is still great writing practice and it gives me a whole archive of short pieces of writing that can be submitted for another competition or a writing market.

In my writing world, no piece of writing is ever wasted.

Browse through the following list of lists and enjoy your writing.


4 Paying Fiction Podcast Markets for Writers

Write Jobs
List of writing markets and free writing competitions

The Market List
A huge list of writing markets with a category list in the sidebar

101 Calls for Submissions in September 2021 - Paying markets


50+ Writing Contests in 2021 with Awesome Cash Prizes

40 Free Writing Contests: Legitimate Competitions With Cash Prizes

2021 Free International Writing Entry Contests

A List of Writing Competitions in 2021 and Beyond
The free-to-enter competitions are highlighted.

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