Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Plan? Outline? Or Just Write?

There's always an ongoing debate amongst writers as to whether or not to outline a book or article before you write it.

Another question is whether you should only write when you are inspired to do so.

For me (and for any serious writer) waiting for inspiration is a waste of time because it rarely happens. Although it does come whenever you sit down and start writing.

When I sit down and write, it's usually because I want to write and not because I'm so pumped with inspiration and motivation that I can't wait to get started. That does happen. But not often.

As to outlining, I go further than that and plan what I'm going to write. Whenever I get a great idea, I write it down immediately in as much detail as I can. I simply stop whatever I'm doing and capture my idea in writing.

I also make plans of what I'm going to write and when. I make lists and copious notes. And then I outline exactly what I'll be writing. If it's a book, I go even further than that and write out a blueprint.

Why do I do all this?

Because it makes me happy. I like to know what I'm going to write. It also makes it easier. I just look at my plan and write my outline. Then I look at my outline to do my writing. Working this way frees up my creative mind while keeping me on track and on topic.

Another added bonus is that it helps me to write more. My system of planning, outlining, and writing makes the whole process easy, faster, and most of all, more enjoyable. And we all do more of what we enjoy.

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