Thursday, 25 November 2021

Why Willpower Won’t Help You Write

Willpower: Use it to write more?
We’ve all heard of the word Willpower and we’re told that if you can’t achieve something, or can’t get enough writing done, it’s because you don’t have enough willpower.

But what is willpower?

Many believe that it’s some kind of separate entity. It’s something you can invoke to help you. All you have to do is believe in it enough and it will magically appear and you can latch onto it and become a writing marvel.

Some people believe that having will power is not to help you to do something, but it’s a way to help you restrain from doing bad habits like over-eating, gambling, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption, rather than helping you engage in new habits.

If you want to write more and write better what you need is determination, not willpower. This is what drives people to do what needs to be done, despite emotional and physical opposition.

Determination gives you a can-do attitude to stick with something and see it through to the end.
And you already have determination within you. It’s not an outside thing, separate from yourself. It’s already yours. You just have to use it.

And to be honest, if you love to write, then you really don’t need much determination. You only need to be in the right determined mindset to sit down and start writing, because as we all know, starting is the hardest thing.

But once you sit down and start writing, the rest is easy.

So don’t think you need willpower to write.

Just have the determination to sit in your writing chair for an hour or two every day.

The writer in you will take it from there.

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