Thursday, 30 September 2021

How to Make Money Writing Articles

One of the questions that gets asked a lot online is how to make money writing articles? If you don't believe me, try doing a search for that exact phrase.

Writers want to write. They're always looking for ways to do it and earn money. And writing articles appeals to many.

The usual advice is to do freelance writing or to find clients to write for. This isn't a bad way to earn money writing because you get paid fast.

But what if you just want to sit and write articles and not have to submit them to magazines and websites or send them to clients for their approval?

I was once faced with this same dilemma. I wanted to sit and write articles and earn money without having to write for someone else. 

But was that even possible?

It turned out it was.

And this is what I talk about in my latest ebook, 'Fast & Profitable Article Writing.' It's the 3rd book in my Monthly Challenge Writing Series.

Step-by-step I show you 6 different ways you can earn money online writing articles. You can write about whatever you want and choose your own hours to write.

This new ebook is currently at the introductory price of only 99 cents.

Download a copy now, work your way through the chapters, and in just 30 days you'll be a fast & profitable article writer.

Fast & Profitable Article Writing

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Plan? Outline? Or Just Write?

There's always an ongoing debate amongst writers as to whether or not to outline a book or article before you write it.

Another question is whether you should only write when you are inspired to do so.

For me (and for any serious writer) waiting for inspiration is a waste of time because it rarely happens. Although it does come whenever you sit down and start writing.

When I sit down and write, it's usually because I want to write and not because I'm so pumped with inspiration and motivation that I can't wait to get started. That does happen. But not often.

As to outlining, I go further than that and plan what I'm going to write. Whenever I get a great idea, I write it down immediately in as much detail as I can. I simply stop whatever I'm doing and capture my idea in writing.

I also make plans of what I'm going to write and when. I make lists and copious notes. And then I outline exactly what I'll be writing. If it's a book, I go even further than that and write out a blueprint.

Why do I do all this?

Because it makes me happy. I like to know what I'm going to write. It also makes it easier. I just look at my plan and write my outline. Then I look at my outline to do my writing. Working this way frees up my creative mind while keeping me on track and on topic.

Another added bonus is that it helps me to write more. My system of planning, outlining, and writing makes the whole process easy, faster, and most of all, more enjoyable. And we all do more of what we enjoy.

In my new ebook, 'Fast & Profitable Article Writing,' I show you how you can earn money writing articles, and make it not only fast and profitable, but also, fun.

Grab it now at the introductory price of only 99 cents.

Monday, 27 September 2021

Switch It Up and Write More

One of the biggest challenges of being a writer is how to write more. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You need to write more if you want to earn more. Unless you're fortunate enough to have a production company turn your novel into a multi-million dollar blockbuster movie (which is so unbelievably rare), you need to keep writing.

But sometimes it can be a strain to sit and work continuously on a big writing project.

I've read a lot of work by the well-known copywriter, Bob Bly. He is a prolific writer, and one of the things that he always says is that he always makes sure he has several ongoing writing projects to work on so that if he gets bored with one, he switches to another. That way, his work stays interesting and his ideas are fresh.

I always remember that because it's how I work as well. I'm always working on more than one thing, so when I find I'm slowing down on what I'm working on, I put it away and work on something else instead.

For instance, yesterday I was working on a new chapter for a book. When I finished it, I switched to writing a blog post, and then I proof-read an article.

There are many times when I can work non-stop on one project and those times are great. But on days when I'm a bit distracted, I simply switch to another task.

And there is always something to work on. I like to have multiple streams of income which gives me so many varied projects.

Switching is a way to stay productive.

Quick Cash Freelance Writing
The first book in a four-part series on how to write and earn money.

Friday, 24 September 2021

A Simple Way to More Freelance Writing Income

 It's one thing to think that you want to work as a freelance writer, but it's another to know exactly where to start.

Years ago, when I earned all my writing income as a freelancer, I had a simple system that kept me writing and earning.

I was always on the lookout for new writing markets and magazines that offered more than one freelance opportunity, and I always kept copious notes and links to useful websites, several notebooks full of ideas, as well as subscribing to as many writing newsletters as I could.

Doing all this kept me going and kept me motivated and what helped the most was my Weekly Schedule of 5.

Every week I'd make sure I submitted at least 5 things to 5 different places. Now that doesn't sound like many but when you do it every week as well as follow up on successful submissions, it does take a lot of organising and work.

But it did work. I was writing and submitting consistently and with so many irons in the fire (so to speak) I couldn't help but be successful, because I was, after all, making 20+ pitches a month.

And here is my possible submissions list:

- an article proposal for a magazine
- a tip for a magazine
- a short story for a magazine
- a guest article for another site
- an EzineArticle article
- a joke, letter, or something small
- a writing competition
- a writing job on UpWork, Pro-Blogger, etc
- an article for a writing magazine

And that was the actual list I used, plus I always came across many other places I could submit to.

But this is what happens when you commit to 5 freelance submissions every week.

It keeps you busy and keeps you earning money which is exactly what you want.

Quick Cash Freelance Writing
The first book in a four-part series on how to write and earn money.