Tuesday, 20 February 2018

This is Why You're Not Earning Enough Money From Writing

Do you ever sit and wonder why you're not earning as much money from your writing as you want to?

I know I do.

And the thing that I've realised is that when I'm not earning as much money as I want to from my writing, it's because I'm not writing enough.

Whenever I look back over times when I was making sales and earning more money from my books, websites and blog, it was always when I was sitting down and writing every day.

And the times when I wasn't earning enough money, were the times when I wasn't writing as much so I had time to sit and ponder my lack of income.

This is also true of any writer that you look at.

All the successful writers are those that write a lot, or write regularly every day no matter what.

The problem is that it's too easy to let other things get in the way of our writing.

Other people think that becasue I don't go out to work every day means I'm not busy. But that is far from the truth.

I'm either writing or getting on with other things I have to do. Even if I'm sat watching a movie and doing some sewing, I'm busy. (Why don't people get that?)

But it seems that people think that if I'm sitting down I'm not busy.

Sometimes I might even be sitting out in the garden having a cup of tea and thinking about my next writing project. I may not look busy but if they could look inside my brain they'd be amazed by all the activity in there.

So if you're not earning enough money from your writing, look at it this way...

It's possible to write a book in a week. My own 7 Day Ebook Writing and Publishing System proves this (http://cheritonhousepublishing.com/books/7day.html).

So if you followed a system such as this you could write and publish an ebook every week.

This means you could write and publish 50 ebooks a year, if you're really disciplined.

My friend and co-author Yuwanda Black did it.

And how much would that improve your writing income?

Now you may not want to write 50 ebooks a year. But it does demonstrate how more writing means more writing income.

It simply comes down to a mathematical equation. Writing = Money.

Well, all right, it's not as simple as that (except that it is).

But if you want to increase your writing income, you first need to increase your writing output.

So stop reading this and get to work.

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